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With age, the collagen and elastin in your skin begin to break down, resulting in wrinkles.. Fat atrophies and descends due to weakening of the ligamentous support structures and gravity. Fat grafting can counteract the signs of aging due to these mechanisms and can change your look making you appear younger!
Fat grafting involves fat transfer or transplanting small amounts of fat from one body part to another, like fat transfer to the face or fat transfer to breasts. In addition to restoring a youthful appearance to your face, it can also correct problems such as acne scars. Fat grafting can be used as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other aesthetic surgeries of the face, breasts and body. The fat graft procedure involves a donor site (from which the fat is taken) and a treatment site (where the fat is used).

s3 Fat Grafing 3 Your first step to Fat Grafting or fat transfer is to schedule an appointment with Dr Khan at West Coast Plastic Surgery. Get your GP to send us a referral to apply for a Medicare rebate for your consultation (special conditions apply from Medicare). You can also contact us by phone at 0862303041 or by fax at 0862303042 for fat transfer surgery. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@westcoastplasticsuregry.com.au. Someone from the team will contact you to book your appointment and answer any questions you may have about fat grafting in Perth.
s3 Fat Grafing 5 There may be mild bruising and swelling in some patients. However, most swelling subsides within a couple of weeks. Dr Khan will provide you with more specific instructions after your procedure. Initial fat grafting results may appear exaggerated, and the treated areas may seem too full. Usually, this resolves within 5-6 weeks after surgery. Fat grafting must initially be overdone since up to 50% of the fat injected can be reabsorbed within the first several weeks of the procedure.. You may need more than one procedure depending on your requiremnent.
s3 Fat Grafing 5 After your first consultation with Dr Khan, he will assess what procedure is perfect for you and will provide you with the cost for this personalised procedure.

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