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Breast Reduction Perth

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Do you experience chronic back, neck, shoulder, or breast pain? Are you uncomfortable sitting or standing? Is your breast size steadily limiting your physical activities? Do your bra straps cause you pain? Do you also experience other symptoms such as frequent muscle tension headaches, tingling and numbness in your fingers, and a rash/infection between your breast folds? If you answered yes to the following questions, breast reduction surgery may be your solution.


Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size and reshaping the breasts. It is commonly performed to alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort caused by excessively large breasts.


The surgery involves removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing breast size. By reducing the weight and volume of the breasts, breast reduction surgery can help address various issues associated with large breasts, such as back and neck pain, difficulty finding well-fitting clothes, and self-consciousness.


Breast reduction surgery is a highly individualised procedure that takes into account each patient’s unique needs and goals. It offers a transformative solution for those who experience physical discomfort, limitations in daily activities, and body image concerns due to their breast size.


If you are considering breast reduction surgery, it is important to consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who specialises in this procedure, such as Dr Qadir Khan at West Coast Plastic Surgery. Dr Khan will assess your specific situation, discuss your expectations, and provide personalised recommendations to help you make an informed decision about whether breast reduction surgery is right for you.

breastred 1 Breast Reduction 3 Your first step to breast reduction is to schedule an appointment with Dr Khan at West Coast Plastic Surgery. Get your GP to send us a referral to apply for a Medicare rebate for your consultation. You may be eligible for some rebate from your private health provider if you fulfill certain criteria which Dr Khan will explain during your consultation. You can also contact us by phone at 0862303041 or by fax at 0862303042 for breast reduction in Australia. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@westcoastplasticsuregry.com.au. Someone from the team will contact you to book your appointment and answer any questions you may have about breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty.
breastred2 Breast Reduction 5 You will experience swelling and possibly some discomfort during the initial healing process. These symptoms can be controlled with medication. After about 10-14 days, depending on the type of work you do, you may be able to return to work and do most of your everyday activities. It may take up to 4 to 6 weeks before you feel comfortable to do running, lifting and other sports activities. Dr Khan will give you more specific post-surgery and scar care instructions. After breast reduction and lift surgery, you will be required to wear a no-underwire bra for six weeks. A front closure bra will be more convenient for you. After a few months, as your breast position and shape settle, you will see the final results. The new breast size should relieve you of the pain and physical limitations that you previously experienced.
breastred3 Breast Reduction 7 Dr Khan will assess what procedure is best for you following your first consultation and provide you with a cost for the breast surgery.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

There are numerous life-changing benefits for those looking to undergo breast reduction surgery. These benefits include, but are not limited to:


  • Enhanced Physical Comfort: Breast reduction surgery can alleviate the discomfort associated with excessively large breasts, such as neck, back, and shoulder pain. By reducing the weight and volume of the breasts, this procedure can provide significant relief and improve overall physical comfort.


  • Improved Posture: Large breasts can contribute to poor posture, as individuals may hunch forward to compensate for the additional weight. Breast reduction surgery can help restore a more balanced posture, leading to improved overall body alignment and reduced strain on the spine.


  • Increased Mobility and Freedom of Movement: Women with disproportionately large breasts often face limitations in physical activities and exercise due to discomfort or self-consciousness. Breast reduction surgery can enhance mobility, allowing individuals to participate more comfortably in sports, fitness routines, and daily activities.


  • Clothing Options and Aesthetic Appeal: Many women find it challenging to find well-fitting clothes that flatter their figure when they have oversized breasts. Breast reduction surgery can create a more proportionate breast size, enabling individuals to enjoy a wider range of clothing options and feel more confident in their appearance.


  • Boost in Self-Confidence and Body Image: Large breasts can impact self-esteem and body image, causing individuals to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in social situations. Breast reduction surgery can improve body proportions and provide a boost in self-confidence, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and at ease in their own skin.


  • Relief from Bra Strap Indentations and Skin Irritation: Constantly supporting the weight of heavy breasts can lead to painful bra strap indentations and skin irritation. Breast reduction surgery can relieve these discomforts by reducing breast size, or breast volume, thus minimising the strain on the shoulders and chest area.


Breast reduction surgery can have a significant and positive impact on both physical and emotional well-being. By reducing the size and weight of the breasts, this procedure can alleviate pain, improve posture, and enhance mobility. Furthermore, breast reduction often leads to a boost in self-confidence, body image, and overall quality of life. The results of breast reduction surgery are typically long-lasting, although factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can influence breast shape and size over time.

Why Choose Dr Qadir Khan for Breast Reduction?

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, selecting a qualified and experienced surgeon is crucial to ensure a safe and successful outcome. 


It is essential to research the qualifications and experience of the surgeon who will perform your breast reduction. Look for a RACS-trained plastic surgeon with specialised training and expertise in breast surgery, their skills and knowledge will contribute to achieving optimal results and minimising potential risks.


Dr Qadir Khan is a highly skilled and RACS-trained plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery, including breast reduction. He is known for his attention to detail, patient-centred approach, and commitment to achieving natural-looking results.


At West Coast Plastic Surgery, patient satisfaction and safety are paramount. The clinic has a strong reputation for providing exceptional care, and its team of professionals is dedicated to delivering personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. Dr Khan and his team understand the transformative impact of breast reduction surgery and are committed to helping you achieve a more comfortable and confident life.

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The Breast Reduction Procedure

FAQs About Breast Reductions in Perth

The suitability for breast reduction surgery depends on various factors, including your physical health, breast size, and specific concerns. Good candidates for breast reduction typically have breasts that are disproportionately large in relation to their body frame, causing physical discomfort, limitations in daily activities, and emotional distress. To determine if you are a good candidate, it is best to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon who can assess your individual situation and provide personalised recommendations.

In some cases, breast reduction surgery may be covered by Medicare or private health insurance if it is deemed medically necessary. The criteria for coverage can vary, and specific guidelines must be met. Generally, documentation of symptoms such as chronic pain, rashes, or limitations in physical activities may be required. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider and consult with your surgeon to determine the coverage options available to you.

Yes, breast reduction surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia. This ensures that you are asleep and comfortable throughout the procedure.

While there is no strict age limit for breast reduction surgery, it is generally recommended for individuals whose breasts have fully developed. This usually occurs around the late teenage years or early adulthood. However, the most important factor in determining candidacy is the physical and emotional maturity of the individual, as well as their specific circumstances. A thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon will help determine if breast reduction is appropriate for you.

Recovery time can vary depending on individual factors, such as the extent of the surgery and your body’s healing capabilities. Generally, you can expect to need several weeks for initial recovery, during which you should avoid strenuous activities. Dr Khan will provide specific guidelines for post-operative care and gradually reintroducing physical activities. It is important to follow these instructions to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

As with any surgical procedure, breast reduction surgery carries some risks and potential complications. These can include infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, changes in nipple or breast sensation, scarring, asymmetry, and difficulties with breastfeeding. Dr Khan will discuss these risks with you during the consultation and take necessary precautions to minimise them. Adhering to post-operative care instructions and attending follow-up appointments will help monitor your recovery and address any concerns.

Breast reduction surgery involves incisions, resulting in scars. However, skilled surgeons take care to place incisions in inconspicuous areas, such as around the areola and along the natural breast crease. Over time, breast reduction scars will tend to fade and become less noticeable. Dr Khan can provide guidance on scar management techniques to optimise healing and minimise their visibility.

Breast reduction surgery may impact breastfeeding ability, as the procedure involves removing excess breast tissue and repositioning the nipple. While some women can still breastfeed after a breast reduction operation, others may experience difficulties. The extent of breast tissue removal, surgical technique, and individual factors can influence breastfeeding outcomes. If maintaining your ability to breastfeed is a priority for you, it is essential to discuss your goals with your surgeon during the consultation.

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Start your journey with us towards your desired body and face. Get all your doubts cleared with our Director and RACS-trained surgeon, Dr Qadir Khan before you decide to take baby steps towards a body that makes you proud.  

If you have been experiencing physical discomfort, limited clothing options, or emotional distress due to overly large breasts, it may be time to take the first step towards a more comfortable and confident life. Breast reduction surgery can offer a transformative solution, helping you achieve a proportionate and balanced breast size while alleviating the associated challenges.