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Face ageing can appear as wrinkles, fine lines, furrows, and sagging around the chin and jowls. Several factors contribute to the loss of youthful contours on your face, including genetics, environmental conditions, skin quality, stress and normal aging process.  

Rhytidectomy, or facelifting, restores a youthful look to your face with the ultimate facial rejuvenation. Facelifts or neck lifts remove excess fat, tighten sagging skin and facial muscles. The only way to perform a facelift is surgical; non-surgical rejuvenation treatments can help delay the time when a facelift is needed.  A facelift restores your appearance to a more youthful state that will continue to age naturally over time. Face surgery involves realigning tissues, removing excess fat, and correcting lost volume. A facelift may also include eyelid surgery, neck lift surgery, and fat grafting.

s1 Facelift 3 Your first step to having a non-surgical facelift is to schedule an appointment with Dr Khan at West Coast Plastic Surgery. Get your GP to send us a referral to apply for a Medicare rebate for your consultation (special conditions apply from Medicare). You can also contact us by phone at 0862303041 or by fax at 0862303042 for facelift surgery. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@westcoastplasticsuregry.com.au. You will be contacted by a team member to book your appointment, and you can ask any questions you may have about facial lifting or cosmetic surgery.
s1 Facelift 3 It is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, irritation or discomfort during the healing process, but these can be controlled with medications, cold compresses and elevating the head. It is essential to keep your head elevated until the swelling subsides. Dr Khan will provide you with more detailed instructions following the surgery. Your wound may take 7-14 days to heal, but you can return to work after this time, depending on the type of work you do. It may take several additional weeks for the wound to completely heal. The results of your surgery will be apparent immediately although they will continue to improve as the swelling subsides. After surgery, the dressings will prevent you from seeing them for at least a week. Your final results will generally appear over the next few weeks to months. It could take up to a year for your incision lines to fully fade., You will continue to age naturally after your surgery although you will achieve a more youthful appearance for your age. To maintain your results, you should always use sun protection and skin moisturizer. Your surgery will give you a more defined jawline, malar fullness, softened nasolabial folds, and correction of jowls giving you a more youthful appearance. Dr Khan may add fat grafting to your facelift after you consent to enhance your results.
s1 Facelift 3 After your first consultation with Dr Khan, a bespoke treatment plan will be made which is best suited to your needs. You will be provided with the cost for this personalized procedure.

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